At MT-Waste we manufacture a full range of scow end and flat top open skips. We can optimise our products and provide both lightweight and heavy-duty specifications, which are available in sizes ranging between 2 cubic yards up to 18 cubic yards.

Our Open Skip and Drop Door Skips are manufactured in Northern Ireland using high quality steel. All products are fully primed inside and out and can be sprayed using your own custom colours, and all skips are for sale at a very reasonable price.

The robust construction of our skips enables them to be deployed in the toughest environments, so if you’re working on a building/construction site or within waste management facilities, and you’re based in the UK or Ireland, why not get in touch with MT-Waste? All of our skips are constructed to CHEM standards, and are available to buy within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. – Sizes available: Open – 2yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd, 10yd, 12yd, 15.5yd, 18yd – Closed – 10yd, 12yd