Sludge RoRo Containers

Sludge Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) Containers

The sludge roll off container fitted is a specially designed container used mainly in water treatment plants. This product is ideal for freeing water from sludge and slurry. Perfect for non-pumpable dewatering situations, sewer and other cleanouts. The sludge roll off container is fed through a chute on the roof. As the container fills the auger is turned on which distributes the sludge along container self-levelling the sludge. The highest quality of care goes into our products when they’re being manufactured at our main factory in Northern Ireland, and we’ve been praised by many companies across Ireland for the reliability of our sludge roll off containers. Sizes available: 30yd, 35yd, 40yds – Style includes:

  • Screens, filters, separates, and dewaters inorganic solids at the headworks of municipal plants or in various parts of industrial processes.
  • Can be used in industrial dewatering where facilities may have limited space and a container needs to be easy to move with a forklift.
  • Used in chicken and fish rendering plants.
  • Toughened containers for heavy industry and scrap collection
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Sugar Refinery Dewatering
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Container is gravity fed and low maintenance